1. To control, promote and develop Footvolley at all levels throughout Asia.
  2. To establish a maintain an efficient administration of the Federation.
  3. To exercise jurisdiction over and to determine disputes or disagreements between its members.
  4. To conduct it and take such administrative financial and other actions as deemed necessary and conformity with and in furtherance of objectives.
  5. To maintain the authority and autonomy of its members.
  6. To promote closer links between its members, and any other sports organization in Asia or the world.
  7. To control and regulate the rules, regulations and equipment used in the game.
  8. To ensure the safety of the players by controlling equipment standards.
  9. To conduct Youth and Open Championships on behalf of its member Association on the Asian level annually or as otherwise decided by the AFVF council.
  10. To require National Association to conduct yearly Youth and National Championships.
  11. The attainment of Olympic status for the sport of Footvolley, starting With;
    • b) ASEAN GAMES
    • c) ASIAN GAMES